HookLift: 6×2 Truck
Lifting Capacity: 16.000 Kg
Load Dump Angle: 45-50 Degree

HookLift Bom

Bom: St52 14mm Kalınlık
Bom Arm: St52 14mm Kalınlık
Bom Load: St52 14mm Kalınlık
Bom Height: 1600 mm

Standard Accessories

Chassis: S355- St52 High Quality Steel
Mudguard: Yes- PVC or Steel
Tool Box: Yes
Spare Wheel Holder: Yes
Reflector On Crane and Sides: Yes
Water Tank: Yes, 30 Lt
Fire Extinguisher: Yes
Side Protection Bar: Yes- Aluminum
Wheel Chocks: Yes

Hooklift Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Cylinder: 180×220/2 adet kaldırıcı silindir
120×140 1 unit cylinder (S355 cold drawn)
Oil Tank: 120 Lt
Total Oil Capacity: 230 Lt
Maximum Pressure: 330 Bars
Hydraulic Pump: Hidromas brand/85 Lt
PTO: PTO assembly on original truck


Surface cleaning and sandblating process before painting. Then two layer coating and final paint process getting done in special cabinet.

Chassis Description

Rear Pulley: G 550 cast steel
Control System: Manuel or Remote DIN EN 283
Locking Mechanism: Hydraulic locking system locks container chassis to hooklift chassis