Container Type: 20,30,40, 45 feet container
Net Weight: ~4600 Kg
Axle Load Capacity: 27000 Kg
Chassis: S355- St52 High Quality Steel
King Pin: DIN standartlarında 2’’ King-Pim kullanılmaktadır
Twistlocks: 12 adet

Axle and Wheels

Axle Brand: SAF
Number of Axles: 3
Suspension Pnoumatic: Suspension
Axle Lift: Optional
Steerable Axle: Optional
Tire Size: 385/65 R 22.5
Spare Wheel: Optional
Rims: Steel
Brakes: Disc
Brake System: WABCO brand EBS system

Optional Specifications

Number of Axles: 2,3,4 Axle
Axle Brand: BPW- Türk Markası
Chassis: MC700
Tire: Double or Single
Suspension: Mechanic
Brakes: Drum

Electric System

Electric & Lighting System: ASPOCK, SABA or SERTPLAS brand 2×7 pin socket 24V, Stop, Position and Tail lights according to EU standards.


Surface cleaning and sandblating process before painting. Then two layer coating and final paint process getting done in special cabinet.

Standard Accessories

Tool Box: Yes
Mudguard: Yes
Water Tank: Yes
Fire Extinguisher Box: Yes
Side Protection Bar: Yes- Aluminum
Wheel Chocks: Yes
Landing Legs: Yes