International Standard

Main goal of our company as one of the leading manufacturer among Semi-trailer brands in Turkey is manufacturing according to International standards.

Professional service

We are providing, effective, durable, high quality and sustainable service by our R&D and P&D team which has expert and experienced engineers.

High-Tech Production

We produce at world standards in our modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to accurately determine the needs of our customers and make ergonomic and durable products.

Satisfied Customer

We are focused on success of our customer by trust based, long term business relation with our customers and after sales service network.


together stronger

Our company, is one of the leading brand of semi-trailer industry in it’s region, by means of using high-technology as well as innovative engineering talents since 1994. Apart from the special production, our company also manufactures most demanded products in industry and export to various countries around the world.

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    Star Yağcılar is a Yağcılar Holding company.