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STAR Yagcilar in the industry by growing capacity and expert team every year as it’s one of Turkey’s leading brand on-vehicle equipment. STAR Yagcilar, which creates an infrastructure that can compete with the world in the on-board equipment and trailer sector, increases its exports rapidly by producing for various automotive brands in different continents of the world in our facility where all the details of on-board equipment are planned and manufactured.

STAR Yagcilar has manpower, technical knowledge and equipment that ensure it to produce on-board equipment at world standards. Our company, which supports innovation and innovative ideas with its R&D and P&D team consisting of expert and experienced engineers, believes in the power of cooperation and provides quality and sustainable service.

STAR Yagcilar, focuses on the success of its customers, with its emphasis on their satisfaction, advanced after-sales service network, long-term and trust-based business relationships with all its customers.

Star Yagcilar as vehicle Equipment industry leading brand, We are working with flawless customer satisfaction in Turkey and worldwide for our business partners. As a team, we are planning for future, predicting the needs of our business partners, designing and producing. We enrich our business partners and customers with our innovative products and services.

As STAR Yagcilar, who has fully executed the professional and efficient machine line and production system assembly, we have the productivity and competitive advantage which brought by technological production. With our principle of reaching the technologies of the future today, we are making our R&D investments and working to bring drivers together with new technologies. We are one of the largest commercial vehicle production facility in our country with modern factory, which is manufacturing at world standards that aims of being the pride of our country.





  • To improve the creativity and initiative of our staff and to ensure that they have a sense of responsibility.
  • To develop the awareness that every employee can create the quality of their work by working in accordance with the standards, not by being controlled by someone else.
  • To increase our presence in the market with our trained, harmonious staff and successful teamwork activities.
  • To provide trainings to ensure that both directly company personnel and subcontractor employees are aware of their individual responsibilities.
  • To review the Quality policy periodically to sustain compliance with the terms.
  • Mutually sharing experiences with public, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations.
  • Our resources, primarily to ensure that the requirements of the customer, legislation and Quality Management System are fulfilled.
  • To fulfill the requirements of the Quality Management System, to continuously improve it and to prevent non-conformities, to be reliable and to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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